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Unveiling the Rise of the New Hollywood in the South

When Marvel Studios chose Atlanta for filming “Black Panther,” it wasn’t just a random pick; it signaled a shift in the film industry. We’ve seen how Georgia’s generous tax credits and state-of-the-art facilities like Assembly Doraville have turned Atlanta into a major player in global filmmaking. With over 240 large productions now calling the city home, it’s clear this isn’t a fluke. But what exactly makes Atlanta so irresistible to filmmakers, and how is it reshaping the landscape of the South? There’s much more to uncover about this rising star in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Georgia’s tax credits attract over 240 large-production films and TV shows annually, boosting Atlanta’s appeal.
  • Assembly Doraville and BlueStar Studios offer state-of-the-art production facilities, enhancing Atlanta’s infrastructure.
  • Atlanta’s diverse locations and affordability make it an attractive alternative to Los Angeles and New York.
  • The local film industry has grown 500% since 2008, creating jobs and revitalizing businesses.
  • Strong community support and a significant Screen Actors Guild presence solidify Atlanta’s film industry.

The Emergence of Assembly Doraville

Assembly Doraville has quickly become a cornerstone of Atlanta’s burgeoning film industry, offering unparalleled facilities and creative spaces. Located in Doraville near Chamblee, this massive complex is revolutionizing the way we approach film production. With over 1 million square feet of creative space, Assembly Doraville provides filmmakers with everything they need to bring their visions to life.

One of the key components driving this growth is the facility’s 19 soundstages, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of any production. These stages provide a solid foundation for filmmakers to create their projects without having to leave Atlanta.

But it’s not just the soundstages that make Assembly Doraville stand out. The inclusion of spacious offices and warehouses ensures that all aspects of production, from pre- to post-, are seamlessly integrated.

Moreover, the backlots, which resemble iconic locations like New York City, the French Quarter, and Europe, offer filmmakers a variety of settings without the need for travel. This kind of versatility is invaluable and contributes immensely to Atlanta’s rapidly growing film sector.

Assembly Doraville is more than just a facility; it’s a catalyst for creative growth and innovation in Atlanta’s film industry.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The state-of-the-art facilities at Doraville have set a new standard for film production in Atlanta. At Assembly Doraville, we’re looking at over 1 million square feet of exceptional space, including 19 film stages, offices, and warehouses. These premium film stages cater to the intricate needs of filmmakers, drawing both film and TV producers to our vibrant city.

What really sets Assembly Doraville apart are its versatile backlots. These areas can transform into iconic locations like New York City, the French Quarter, or even European streets, making Atlanta an even more attractive filming destination. This versatility allows industry professionals to craft diverse and engaging narratives without leaving the city.

Additionally, swanky office spaces and unique retail spots within Assembly Doraville create a community vibe that blends business with pleasure. This environment not only fosters creativity but also attracts more industry professionals looking for a dynamic and trendy workspace.

The growth driven by these state-of-the-art facilities has cemented Atlanta’s status as a premier filming destination. By providing exceptional resources and a creative haven, Assembly Doraville is fueling new possibilities and elevating the Southern film industry to new heights.

Transforming Atlanta’s Film Industry

Atlanta’s film industry is experiencing a remarkable transformation, driven by innovative developments and strategic investments. Georgia’s generous tax credits have made our city a magnet for big-budget productions, offering substantial savings compared to traditional hubs like Los Angeles. This financial incentive, coupled with our diverse shooting locations, has attracted over 240 large-production films and TV shows, greatly boosting the local production scene.

A pivotal player in this transformation is BlueStar Studios. By repurposing Fort Gillem into an $180-million movie production facility with 18 state-of-the-art soundstages, BlueStar Studios is redefining Atlanta’s film landscape. This development isn’t just about creating cutting-edge facilities; it’s about generating significant economic impact. The new soundstages will foster job opportunities, supporting both skilled professionals and local businesses.

Additionally, Forest Park’s proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport enhances its appeal as a prime production location. The combination of accessible transport and Georgia’s tax credits has made it a sought-after destination for filmmakers.

As BlueStar Studios and other facilities continue to grow, they aren’t only preserving the history of our communities but also ensuring the sustainable transformation of Atlanta’s burgeoning film industry.

Attracting Top Talent

Attracting top talent has turned Atlanta into the ‘Hollywood of the South,’ drawing in major productions like Marvel films and Netflix’s Stranger Things. This shift isn’t just about the glitz and glamour but also the practical appeal of Atlanta’s film scene. The lower cost of living compared to Los Angeles and New York is a major draw, allowing actors to live comfortably while being part of a close-knit community.

However, established Atlanta-based actors often face challenges in landing significant roles. Casting agents still tend to overlook local talent in favor of those from LA and NY. Despite this, the Atlanta film community has shown remarkable resilience and solidarity. During industry slowdowns and ongoing strikes, actors here rally together, supporting each other and advocating for more local opportunities.

These ongoing strikes by actors will certainly shape the future impact on Atlanta’s film industry. Their outcomes could either reinforce or weaken Atlanta’s ability to retain and attract top talent.

As we navigate these uncertain times, the solidarity within our community remains a cornerstone of our strength, ensuring that Atlanta continues to shine brightly as the new Hollywood of the South.

Economic Impact on the Region

Georgia’s film industry has greatly boosted the state’s economy, experiencing a staggering 500% increase since 2008. This remarkable growth has transformed the region into a major player in the entertainment world, often referred to as the ‘New Hollywood.’

Central to this transformation was President Jimmy Carter’s foresight in creating the first state film commission outside of California back in 1973. This visionary move laid the groundwork for Georgia’s current production growth.

Atlanta, in particular, has benefited immensely. Our city’s diverse filming locations and affordability have made it a favorite among filmmakers. Despite competition from states like Louisiana, which offer generous tax incentives, Atlanta’s unique blend of urban and rural settings continues to draw numerous productions.

The 2004 biopic of Ray Charles, filmed in Atlanta, helped reignite interest in the city, leading to a steady influx of film projects.

The economic impact is undeniable. The influx of film and TV productions hasn’t only boosted the state economy but also revitalized local businesses and created thousands of jobs. From caterers to carpenters, many industries have flourished as a result.

Georgia’s film industry is now a cornerstone of our state economy, proving that Hollywood’s magic can indeed thrive in the South.

The Future of Southern Filmmaking

The future of Southern filmmaking looks incredibly promising as we continue to attract major productions with our cutting-edge studios and diverse locations. Georgia, particularly Atlanta, is fast becoming the New Hollywood of the South.

Our local industry is thriving, thanks to generous tax incentives that make film production more affordable and appealing. State-of-the-art facilities like BlueStar Studios and Assembly Doraville are revolutionizing our infrastructure, providing filmmakers with unparalleled creative spaces.

These developments aren’t just drawing in big-budget Hollywood movies but also nurturing local talent and independent projects. The diverse filming destinations within Georgia—from urban landscapes to picturesque countryside—offer directors limitless possibilities, further cementing our region’s reputation as a top choice for film production.

We’re not just building studios; we’re establishing a holistic ecosystem that supports all aspects of filmmaking. This includes everything from pre-production to post-production services, ensuring that the entire process can be handled locally.

As we continue to invest in this infrastructure, southern filmmaking will only grow stronger. Our commitment to fostering a robust film industry is setting the stage for an exciting future, solidifying our status as a major player in the global film market.

Success Stories and Productions

Atlanta has become a powerhouse in the film industry, boasting over 240 large-production films and TV shows. Thanks to generous tax credits and affordability compared to Los Angeles, our city has attracted big names and blockbuster projects. Marvel films, for instance, have chosen Atlanta as their backdrop, bringing both global attention and substantial economic benefits. Netflix’s hit series ‘Stranger Things’ also calls Atlanta home, further cementing our reputation as a go-to filming destination.

Our local Screen Actors Guild chapter has around 3,700 members who enjoy a strong sense of community and a lower cost of living. This vibrant community has thrived, creating a supportive environment that draws even more talent to our city.

However, the ongoing actors’ strike is a pressing concern. The outcome will have a significant impact on Atlanta’s film industry, raising questions about its long-term viability.

Despite these challenges, our city’s success stories and productions highlight Atlanta’s potential to remain a pivotal player in the film industry. We’ve built a foundation that leverages both economic incentives and a thriving local community, making Atlanta a formidable contender in the world of filmmaking.

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